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Subject: Changing Tom’s Underwear part twoSorry about not getting this sorted before now. I hope it was worth the
wait. I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to e-mail me about
the first part of this story. It was very encouraging to find that people
enjoyed it. I received so many e-mails I’ve not got down to answering them
all yet. I will try to as time allows.If you have any comments on this part or the story as a whole I’d love to
hear them. You can e-mail me at dandevdrewaol.com
Changing Tom’s Underwear part two
I took the note from the computer screen and sat down with it. I looked at
it intensely as if by the power of thought alone I’d reveal some hidden
code in there. What did he mean by ‘We need to talk’? What does anyone mean
by that? It’s normally the four words that are used to spell the end of a
relationship. How many times have you said or heard those words?I figured that he freaked himself out about last night, even though it was
he who instigated it. We’d crossed a line and no matter what, things would
never be the same again.These and many other thoughts raced through my mind. I tried to stop the
flow by doing some work on an essay but it was no use. I knew that I’d not
concentrate properly until we’d spoken, even if it were to hear the worst.I went down to the student union bar for a quick drink before my class. I
met up with some guys that I vaguely knew. At this time of day the only
types of people you’ll see in the bar are the sporties and the people on
the journalism course, who seem to spend more time in the bar than they
ever do in class. I didn’t fancy sitting with either on this occasion, so I
just took my pint and made my way to a quiet corner.”We need to talk” That’s all that went through my mind.
A couple of the sporty lads Steve and Stewart, the twins, came up to me to
ask if I’d seen last nights rugby match, where we’d beaten Kings college
hands down. I hadn’t, but made a good showing of being interested as I got
a full comentary of the game. We chatted for a time then I made my excuses
and went off to class.Not that I could really get into it today. Normally drama improv is one of
my favourite classes. It gives one a chance to really express one’s
self. Not today though. We were all paired off and had to do a scene with
one of us being the prisoner and the other being the prisoner’s spouse
coming for a visit. I teamed up with Shelly, we work well together, just
seem to bounce off of each other. Not today though. She asked what was
wrong, I just lolita 10 yo naked told her that I’d not slept well and couldn’t concentrate on
anything. She did the best that she could when it was time to show our
piece. Daniel, our tutor picked up that I wasn’t my usual enthusiastic
self so laid off me. Not something he’s famed for. Usually when he thinks
someone isn’t giving him 100% he lays into them hard. Taking them apart
till there’s nothing left but a quivering wreck. I’ve seen grown men cry.
When it was time for the class to end I breathed a sigh of relief that I’d
avoided his dressing down.”Andy, wait here for a moment, the rest of you can go. Don’t forget it’s
Shakespeare day tomorrow”. The various moans and russian lolita nude thumbs groans subsided as the
class left the studio. He waited till we were alone and motioned me to sit
down. I watched him as he finished off clearing up. As well as being my
drama tutor he was my course tutor. Daniel was a great teacher. One of
those that you’d believe was your friend as well. He wasn’t all that lolita preteen girls pictures old
either, not even pushing thirty. For an older guy he was really good
looking, sexy in a sort of way that’s very hard to explain. He walks into a
room and his presence is felt immediately. He was teaching us for a year,
while he was taking a year sabbatical from the Royal Shakespeare
Company. I’d heard after signing up for this course that Daniel Spurn would
be one of our tutors I was thrilled. I was lucky enough to see him in a RSC
production of Hamlet last summer in Stratford upon Avon. Of course I didn’t
know who he was back then, but as I said he had such a stage presence, you
sat up and took notice. I looked through the programme to see who was
playing Hamlet and saw a brief biography of his film, tv and stage work. I
know this sounds a bit juvenile, but when I got home from my holiday in
Stratford, I cut his photo out of the programme and pinned it to my wall. I
knew that if I could be inspired by him, I may make it as an actor. So like
I said, I was thrilled that he was going to be one of my tutors. If only
for a year.”Andy” He said drawing a chair up to me. “What was today about?” I looked
at him quizzically “I’ve never seen you so withdrawn in my class, you’re
normally the one illegal lolita hardcore pedo who’s first in line, up for anything. What can be so bad
that my star pupil doesn’t bother to show himself in class?” “I don’t
know” I lied “I just couldn’t motivate myself today, I’m sorry. It wont
happen again” “I’m sure it wont. Look, I’m not going to come the heavy
tutor with you, more to the point I know that I don’t have to. It’s just
that with it russian lolita nude thumbs being so near to the Christmas production I thought that you’d
suddenly gone down with an attack of the nerves.” “Yeah, that was
it. Nerves” “Nice try, you’re a good actor Andy, but not that good.”
“Look” he said putting his hand on my knee “If you have any problems I’m
here, even if it’s just to listen free lolita sleep pic
to preteen lolita nude gallery you vent some aggression. I’m your
tutor but I’d also like you to see me as a friend, I know that’s the normal
bollocks that tutors come out with, but in this case it’s nude lolita photos sites true. Anytime
you have a problem you can’t deal with I’m always here for you. Whatever is
on your mind, just try to look at it in a different way. Might not seem so
bad after all.” “Thanks Dan” I replied. “But I just had an off day, not
much sleep last night. You know how it is” “Okay, so I’ll let my last
statement sink in. Go on with you”I left the studio thinking about what Dan had said. I think if
circumstances were different I’d like to think that we would have been
friends. But what with him being my tutor and someone whom I looked up to,
was inspired by, it put a different slant on it. Besides I couldn’t have
told him what the problem was as I didn’t yet know if there was a
problem. I had after all assumed the worst all day. There was only one way
to find out and the time for reckoning was near.I walked up to the halls of residence, each step closer got that much
harder. Although I’d nearly convinced myself that things may not be all
that bad after all, I was still lola model picture russian lolita best pay sites full of fear. Why was I letting Tom get to
me like this? I’d never been like this before. I’d had one night stands and
just shrugged them off. Why did this seem different? I opened the door to
our room and saw Tom sitting by the computer working samples teen lolitas free on something. He put
his book down and turned to me.”Do you know anything about Wilson?” He asked picking up his book again and
waving it at me. “What?” I replied a bit perplexed “Politics, Prime
Minister in the sixties and seventies? Do you know anything about him? I’ve
got a bloody essay on some guy I’ve my nude preschool lolitas never heard of and all I’ve got is this
bloody book from the library that seems to be of no help what so ever.”This is not what I had in mind when I read his note this morning. I sat
down on my bed and waited for him to finish his work. Not a long wait, he
seemed to give up almost immediately saying that Mr Wilson can wait for
tomorrow.Time to bite the bullet I thought. Now or never and all that. “So I got
your note” “Yeah, I know,” he said sitting down on his bed opposite me. “I
guess I was a bit freaked this morning, waking up next to you, remembering
what we did during the night. I was a bit, well, freaked.” I went to speak
but he held up his hand and gestured to me that he hadn’t finished. “Andy,
I’m not gay. Never even really thought about it. You know me; I don’t care
what people do. I just never really thought about it. Till this morning. I
don’t know what happened last night, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with
it. I know I started it, I was as horny as hell. I just wish that if I’d
chosen to go with a guy that it wasn’t someone who I see as my best
friend. I don’t want to hurt you.” He reached over and took both my hands
in his and motioned for me to stand up. “I think I’ve got a lot of soul
searching to do. Maybe I do fancy guys, I don’t think so, or maybe it’s
just best lolita sites bbs you. I know I still fancy girls so like I said I’ve got issues to deal
with. I just don’t want last night to come in the way of our friendship.”
“Look mate” I top lolita pay sites said russian lolita nude thumbs after he finished “It was what it was. A moment. I don’t
regret what we did and as far as I’m concerned it won’t dent our
friendship. I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable around me, that’s
what I’m most worried about.” “I couldn’t be uncomfortable around
you. You’re my mate. I’ve just got some stuff to sort out in my head. You
understand” “Of course I do.” I replied. “You’re the tops man” and as if
to emphasise the point he leant into me and gave me a quick, slightly
uncomfortable kiss on the cheek.We chatted for a while longer, nothing much really, just about what we’d
been up to during the day. I decided that I wanted to go down to the bar
and asked Tom if he wanted to come along. He said that he really ought to
try to get to grips with that essay so would give it free lolita sleep pic a miss for tonight.I walked down to the bar on my way I bumped into Steve and Stewart. They’d
just finished training by the looks of them. Still in shorts and rugby
tops. The sweat on their faces betrayed their thorough workout. When we got
to the bar all the usual suspects were there. We sat down and for the first
time in the day I started to feel my normal self. Conversations were
animated and lively. We got more rowdy as the night went on and the beer
flowed freely. Shelly from my class joined us, she sat on my knee and
asked if I was okay now. She’s nude teen lolita art such a sweet girl, one of those types who
would take on the weight of the world if she could. She wouldn’t be fobbed
off by my saying that I was just having an off day, so I told her that it
was man troubles. That led to a long conversation about the ups and downs
of dating men. She made it perfectly clear that if I were to ever decide to
check out what I’m missing with a woman that she’d be happy to initiate
me. I replied that I had her russian lolita nude thumbs mobile phone number and if I ever felt the
need to get bad head I would get back to her. She slapped me.I don’t know how long I was in the bar for. I do remember being in there
long after last orders were served. It must have been way past mid-night
when I finally staggered out to start illegal lolita hardcore pedo the long walk back to the halls. I
vaguely remember taking a short cut across the campus green, I started to
feel a bit dizzy so I found a tree to lean up against and promptly fell
down by it.I came round some time later, being shaken awake by a recognisable voice.”Andy, Andy, you alright mate” “Huh?” I replied hazily “Come on mate let’s
get you up. Stu give us a hand here” Steve and Stuart between them picked
me up and slung my arms over their shoulders to carry me off. They took me
to their apartment, which was much nearer than my room. samples teen lolitas free Being second year
students they lived in the student village on campus where they lolita 10 yo naked had their
own flat.”Ste, get the coffee on I think he needs a strong one” said Stuart while
helping me down on to the couch. “Nuh, s’all right, I’ll be all right in a
minute” I slurred. “You’re totally wasted, man” said Steve “I think it’s
best that you stay here tonight. If campus security find you wondering
around in this state you’ll be for it”It was true; security had a bee in their bonnets about drunkenness. What
with Christmas just round the corner they were out to get anyone. I decided
it was pointless arguing that I was okay and besides I could have thought
of worse places to spend the night.I don’t know what happened to the coffee, I must have passed out again. The
next thing I remember was being carried off over Steve or Stuart’s shoulder
and being placed down on a bed. I felt my shoes being taken off and then a
hand fumble with my jeans button. At the same time I was hoisted up to a
sitting position and my sweater was pulled off. So there I am, down to my
T-shirt and cotton briefs, totally at the mercy of two very well built
rugby players. Two things happened instantly. One I sobered up and two I
felt the constraints of my briefs as I popped a boner.”Sorry guys” I said rather sheepishly “But if you will manhandle me, you’ll
have to deal with the consequences” “Do you reckon that it was you or me
who gave him that hard on?” asked Steve to Stuart. “I don’t know mate, I’d
like to say me but everyone knows that you’re the better looking one”
replied Stu. “I wouldn’t say that. Either way I think we’ve got a bit of a
situation on our hands. Looks like our gay friend here needs some
attention” “And far be it for me to let a friend in need down”Stuart sat down on the bed beside me and reached over to my cotton covered
bulge. He rubbed me up and down a couple of times and then freed my dick.”Wow, Andy. That’s not a bad one” remarked Stu taking hold of it properly.
“Y’know Stu, I heard that gay boys give the best blow jobs” “Where did you
hear that one Steve?” asked Stu “I don’t know, just around I guess. Never
really thought I’d ever find free bbs preteen lolita
out. But as you’re here Andy, would you like
to prove it?”Of course free bbs preteen lolita
I would. Steve moved over towards me and I sat up on the bed. Stu
moved away from me seeming content to watch the show for the time
being. Steve’s shorts were now at about my face level, I reached up and
pulled them down. Man, there was a real nice package waiting for me in his
jock strap. He went to put his hands on the waistband to pull it down. I
moved his hands away; there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity
to have a suck on a sweat soaked rugby player’s jock. I clamped my mouth
round the contents, the aroma from the jock hit my nose, I was pretty sure
that tonight’s workout wasn’t the only smell I was getting off it. I’d say
that Steve wasn’t very good at washing his jock.Sucking on the pre cum oozing from Steve’s jock I decided that it was time
to see just how big his tool was. I pulled down on the band of his jock and
his dick bounced up at me. Pretty big, I’d say. I placed my hands on
Steve’s hard muscular arse and pulled him closer to me. Taking his dick
right down, lolita no nudes bbs
I heard his moans of ecstasy. I glanced round at Stuart who had
also got his cock out and was wanking himself off in the corner of the
room.No sense in letting a perfectly good dick go to waste, illegal lolita hardcore pedo
so I called Stu
over. I got them both to lay down on the bed and between them I gave the
best duel blowjob I’ve ever done.I’d say that these boys were fairly well trained in the lola model picture russian art of man love,
this was no first time for either of them. I’d even go as far to say that
I’m quite sure that this wasn’t the first time they’d pleasured each
other. We spent the rest of the night in various different combinations.I woke up in the morning entangled between the twins. All three of us on a
small double bed, I got up carefully so as not to wake them. I looked
around the floor for my clothes and gathered them up. Once dressed I then
searched for a keepsake of the night gone by. There they were, two sweaty
jockstraps, just waiting to be nicked. Not knowing whose was whose I
thought what the hell, I should take them both. It wouldn’t be fair
otherwise. I stuffed them both in the pockets of my jacket and made my loli preteen thong pics way
off to the communal dining room. It was nearer to there than going straight
back to my room.I got my breakfast and went off to a table. The hall was pretty empty as
breakfast had only just began. As it gradually filled up I noticed that the
niggling headache that was hovering around me was rapidly turning into a
full-blown hangover. Boy had I drunk some last night. Mind you I wasn’t
complaining that much, after all it’s not often a chance to fuck two really
hot guys who happen to be twins comes around. I couldn’t help break into a
smile.”Looks like you got the cream” Remarked Tom as he placed his tray down on
the table and lola model picture russian took the chair opposite me. “You could say that” I replied.
“So dare I ask what you got up to last night” “You nude lolita photos sites
can ask but I’m not sure
you’ll want the details”I wasn’t really referring to our situation; this was how most of our
morning after conversations started. One or both of us wouldn’t have made
it back to the room the night before and there were details to be
shared. Of course I never really went into graphic detail and to my good
fortune Tom paid me lolita preteen girls pictures the same grace. Sometimes names were swapped. Now don’t
get me wrong, I’d never brag about my conquests to just anyone. But Tom is
not just anyone. I told him about Steve and Stuart. His mouth opened when I
mentioned their names. He let out a slight laugh and then started to shake
his head.”What’s up?” I asked “I was just wondering if there were any members of the
rugby team that don’t take it up preteen lolita nude gallery
the arse?” Tom was referring to a couple
of other times that I’d done my bit for university team spirit. I’d been in
university for a month or so, when I gave a wank job to a guy called
Michael (terminally straight, samples teen lolitas free but after a few beers became curious) and a
few weeks later I had a damn good lola model picture russian shag by Tom (No, another Tom) Who
happened to be Michael’s best friend. Both really hot rugby players, whose
jockstraps now lay in my own trophy cabinet (well, my draw actually).Tom had a point; maybe I could turn that into a personal challenge. By the
end of the year nude teen lolita art I’d see if I could work my way through the university rugby
squad. Not that I know a lot about sport you understand. Mind you after
last night I think I found out what a tight end is.I repeated that to Tom and he nearly choked on a mouthful of Corn
Flakes. Once he cleaned the mess he’d just made I asked him what he got up
to last night. It turned out that after I went to the Uni bar he tried to
work on his essay. Didn’t get very far so went off to find Sophie, in the
hope of trying to patch things up with her. It turned out that she freaked
because she felt that things were going a little too fast for her. Tom said
that he understood and that they could go at whatever speed that she
wanted. I really think that Tom was hot for this girl, I’d never seen him
so understanding. Normally it’s over and done with and on to the
next. Maybe he’d actually fallen for Sophie. I asked Tom what happened
next, he told me that they nude teen lolita art went out into town had a meal and he drove her
back to her place. That was it apparently.Although after a bit of digging he told me that after he dropped her off he
went to a pub in town and bumped into Kate, who of course went back with
him and he’d just come from walking her back to her halls room.University years, best time of your life. Whoever said that really knew
their stuff.After breakfast we walked back to our room, just talking casually. Both of
us had early classes, Tom had an economics lecture to attend while I had
the joys of Shakespeare to get through. Actually I didn’t mind it so much;
it was all part of my theatre studies module of my degree. Oh if any of you
are wondering what I’m studying, it’s nude lolita photos sites a drama/theatre based media studies
course. I know, before any of you say anything, it’s a Mickey Mouse
course. In my defence I’d have to say that on the whole I’d agree, if this
course was in any other university (other than Cambridge that
is). Fortunately it is one of the most respected universities for this
course. Quite a few well known actors have been here. I was really glad to
have been accepted otherwise I may not have bothered going to university at
all. I was the first member of my family who got to go. The rest just went
straight in to work or on the dole. I wasn’t really the thing to go to
university where I came from. Factory fodder, that’s what the teachers at
school used to call us when we got out of hand. For most of us,
unfortunately they were probably right. That, or a career signing on in
between various McJobs. There was no way I was going to settle for
that. When I told my parents that I wanted to act, they hit the roof. I got
all the grief about how many would be actors were on the dole and what made
me think that I’d be different. I did my research and after a couple of
meetings with the school careers advisor, I found the course that I’m now
on. The reasoning being that it would give me a good grounding for
performance but also take on subjects involved in the back stage running of
theatres and other such things. My parents satisfied that not only did I
have a fall back plan but also quite proud of the fact that I didn’t want
to take the usual route of drugs and depravation that blighted our housing
estate, gave their nude lolita photos sites
blessing for me to lolita preteen girls pictures go.Tom on the other hand was doing a course that he wasn’t really into. His
parents expected him to go to university; he comes from a line of siblings
who all did rather well in the education system. That is to say the
education system that mummy and daddy pays for. Tom has two brothers, both
several years older than him. Both high achievers, apparently one is a
doctor and the other is climbing the ladder in the civil service. Tom on
the other hand has no idea what he wants to do. His parents pushed him into
university and on to a business degree. I think if it had been up to Tom
he’d have blown it all out and gone off travelling for a few years. It was
in his nature to rebel against nude teen lolita art
his fairly privileged up bringing. Not that
he saw it like that. He just hated the crap that his parents dished out to
him about getting on in life illegal lolita hardcore pedo and things not being handed to him on a
plate. He told me that his parents had his life mapped out for him and as
far as they were concerned that was that. The thing is he knew deep down
his parents were right and he’d lolita 10 yo naked give it a go. Well apparently they can be
rather persuasive. The new Toyota MR2 helped. Nice car!Over the next few days Tom and I didn’t see much of each other. I was busy
with last minute rehearsals for the Christmas play that we were doing. A
highly original modern day version of top lolita pay sites
A Christmas carol. Staring yours
truly as Mr Scrooge. How very seasonal!It was probably just as well that I didn’t see that much of Tom over those
few days. I found that I needed a bit of space from him. I was still a bit
unsure about us even though on the surface things were normal, our
conversations and the way we acted around each other was the same as ever,
but underneath I felt that things were not right. Maybe I was projecting;
maybe it was just me. Maybe I was falling in love. Having never really been
down that road before it was hard for me to put a word to the emotions that
I was feeling. Tom was not the first ’straight’ boy that I’d been with, not
by a long way, but he was the first person that I had any feelings for. I
didn’t need this right now, not just because I was worried about fucking up
our friendship but also because I needed to give my all for the up and
coming play. There was no room for distraction right now.Having said that, I did notice that Tom had finally got down to doing his
washing (a once every other week occurrence at best) and had gone back to
wearing his boxers. What I didn’t know at the time was that he’d not quite
gone back to his boxers, for underneath he was wearing one of my thongs. I
didn’t notice its absence in my draw, well I wouldn’t, so many of them in
there, samples teen lolitas free one missing wouldn’t really go noticed unless I was having a sort
out.It wasn’t until later did I find out that I best lolita sites bbs
had a thong borrower in my
midst. When nude lolita photos sites
I think back on it now, it really turns me on to know that
underneath his passion killers (that’s what I think of boxers) he was
wearing something that would have sent me red hot. Maybe given the
circumstances it was just as well that I didn’t know. I’d have ended up
jumping his bones if I’d seen him walking around in one of my thongs.
That, I also later found out would have been quite harmful, as during this
time he was subconsciously working out why he was constantly turned on by
not only wearing his best mates pants, but also why he was walking around
with a boner all day just by wearing a nylon thong under his shorts.
Part three on its way soon (hopefully)

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